Seminar on Human Trafficking and Migration – LUMSA University

Seminar on Human Trafficking and Migration – LUMSA University

The Human Trafficking Diplomatic Advisor, Costanza Lucii, has delivered a speech on the correlation between human trafficking and migration to the students of the Libera Universita’ Maria Ss. Assunta (LUMSA University) in Rome.

During the speech, she explored the intersection between human trafficking and migration, including the factors contributing to these issues, their impact on victims, and efforts made to combat them.

Human trafficking and migrant smuggling are serious crimes that violate the human rights of the victims and constitute a modern form of slavery. To ensure dignified migration, it is necessary to prevent and combat human trafficking. This can be achieved through international cooperation between countries, promoting the safety and legality of migration routes, and increasing opportunities for migrants to migrate legally and safely.

It is also important to provide assistance and protection to victims of human trafficking, through support and protection services and by holding perpetrators accountable for this crime. Safe and dignified migration can be promoted by creating legal and secure channels of migration, such as refugee resettlement programs, work visas, and family reunification agreements. In this way, migrants can migrate safely and legally, without having to resort to illegal and risky routes.

Furthermore, promoting dialogue between countries, strengthening the capacities of governments and civil society organizations, and improving understanding and respect for the human rights of migrants can contribute to ensuring safe and dignified migration.

Ms. Costanza Lucii concluded by explaining all the efforts that the Order of Malta has been putting in creating more effective measures against human trafficking and smuggling of migrants.