Human Trafficking: Using Technology and the Roadmap to End It

Human Trafficking: Using Technology and the Roadmap to End It

The Sovereign Order of Malta co-sponsored the side event “Human Trafficking: Using Technology and the Roadmap to End It” hosted by ECPAT-USA and co-sponsored by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Office of Migration (IOM), Thomas Reuters and the Committee to Stop Human Trafficking in Persons.

The event provided decision-makers with the current state of human trafficking, as well as innovative practices including the use of technology in prevention programs, challenges, and new opportunities to bankrupt the businesses of human trafficking.

H.E. Ambassador Paul Beresford-Hill opened the event by highlighting the need for societies and countries to be prepared and equipped to better harness technology in their responses to human trafficking. He further said that while technology is frequently used by traffickers to identify and exploit victims, it can also be used positively to combat trafficking through aiding investigations, enhancing prosecutions, and providing services to victims.

Debra O’Hara Rusckowski, Special Advisor on Human Trafficking, as well as mentioning her Global Strategic Operatives policy to the World Health Organization, she also described the joint effort of the Order of Malta and GSO in responding to the Human trafficking treats faced by many displaced Ukrainians: ‘Early in the conflict, we were able to set up a PUSH communication system that spread throughout mobile devices carried by those coming from Ukraine to bordering countries. This included key information and practical suggestions to prevent refugees ending up as prey to criminal networks that my colleague will speak about in more detail.’

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