The Sovereign Order of Malata has last word before UN Vote at the Eleventh Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly

The Sovereign Order of Malata has last word before UN Vote at the Eleventh Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly

The annexation and absorption of areas of Ukraine into the Russian Federation prompted a Security Council resolution condemning this action.

Following a veto on the resolution, and the inability of the Security Council to pass it the General Assembly went into its Eleventh Emergency Session and heard statements from 67 countries before all 183 Nations cast their vote, with a clear majority favoring the resolution.

Many of the Nations which addressed the Assembly decried the continuation of suffering of the civilian population and the escalation of hostilities which followed the annexation.

The Sovereign Order of Malta was the last body to make a statement before the vote was taken. In his statement, H.E. Dr. Ambassador Beresford-Hill stated:

”As all of our histories are intertwined, the commonality of human motivation and desire is evident. Technology and the integration of economies, whether we like it or not, have made us more than bystanders. No nation can allow this conflict to spiral out of control because the consequences are too terrible to contemplate and, no matter how far away and isolated we feel we might be, the detritus of burning rage will consume us”

He went on to say:

”The Sovereign Order of Malta, unique in its sui generis status as a sovereign entity and as a Catholic religious order, seeks to embrace as its citizens, with charity and love, those who are left behind, the forgotten people of our world, often stateless, homeless, the trafficked, the migrant and refugees , the suffering humanity that is so often left without support and hope.
It is the hope of the Sovereign Order of Malta – he concluded – that the human suffering that is a consequence of the Ukraine conflict can be alleviated and the innocent spared more pain”.

H.E. Dr. Ambassador Beresford-Hill mentioned the current missile strikes in Kiev and Lviv, which were of immediate concern to the many staff and volunteers of the Order of Malta Ukrainian Association who were in the midst of these attacks. He went on to pay tribute to their fearless spirit which, he said, ”showed the same passion for justice and humanity as those heroic employees of Caritas, and their friends, who were tragically killed in Mariupol in April of this year”.

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