The Extraordinary Chapter General of the Order of Malta

The Extraordinary Chapter General of the Order of Malta

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta’s Extraordinary Chapter General met this week after several days of spiritual reflection. It is presided over by the Lieutenant Grand Master Fra’ John Dunlap and Cardinal Silvano Maria Tomasi, Special Delegate of the Pope. There are 111 capitulars taking part in the Order’s supreme governing body. Coming from the five continents, they represent all the Classes and entities of the Order.

The Chapter General has the task of safeguarding the Order’s charism and bringing it up to date by acknowledging and addressing the Order’s most important issues. It plans activities, verifies the state of the Order’s assets and guides international relations.

In a message sent to the capitulars, Pope Francis expressed his closeness to the Order of Malta, saying that ‘the worldly, selfish and nowadays consumerist mentality is a challenge which, with your exemplary life and works of mercy, you are called to face […] You do this for example by caring for the sick and visiting prisoners. I know that in many parts of the world you members and your volunteers dedicate yourselves to these works. You also accompany those who are approaching the moment of death, which is so delicate, in the passage from this earth to eternal life‘.

During the Chapter General, the reports of the Special Delegate of the Pope and of the Lieutenant of the Grand Master on the general state of the Order were presented; as well as the reports of the Grand Commander, Grand Chancellor, Grand Hospitaller, Receiver of the Common Treasure and the Prelate, to the extent of their competencies.

The Chapter General is called upon to elect the Grand Commander, Grand Chancellor, Grand Hospitaller and Receiver of the Common Treasure, four councilors of the Sovereign Council and the seven members of the Board of Auditors.

According to the new Constitutional Charter of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the Chapter General meets every six years.