Inter-Parliamentary Union 2024 Hearing at the United Nations

Inter-Parliamentary Union 2024 Hearing at the United Nations

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) held its annual Parliamentary Hearing at the United Nations between the 8th-9th of February 2024. The event was attended by H.E. Ambassador. Paul Beresford-Hill.

The Hearing’s theme this year was “Putting an end to conflicts: Prescriptions for a peaceful future”. The meeting was split into the following seven sessions:
1. The Future of Peace and Security: From good intentions to a renewed collective action
2. Might is not right: International law vs. the law of the jungle
3. “Security” redefined: from State-centric approach to a “new security paradigm” based on Human Security
4. Lowering the temperature: Climate change and conflict
5. “Not in my name”: Women, youth and other groups working for peace
6. Parliamentary diplomacy for peace: Good practices and common challenges
7. Emerging threats to peace: Technology for evil vs. human progress

Adam Lupel, Vice President and COO at the International Peace Institute, shed light on the dwindling trust in international norms, particularly concerning the erosion of respect for international law. Lupel stressed the importance of consistent application of international laws to safeguard civilians and advocated for parliamentary action to ensure executive accountability.

The meeting underscored the paramount importance of parliamentary engagement in addressing global issues and emphasized the vitality of collaboration among parliaments worldwide. It fostered a sense of collective recognition regarding the pivotal role of parliaments in shaping the international landscape and advancing peace and security agendas.