Humanitarian Consequences of the Aggression Against Ukraine

Humanitarian Consequences of the Aggression Against Ukraine

Today, Ambassador Beresford-Hill addressed the General Assembly during the Eleventh Emergency Session concerning the humanitarian impacts resulting from the aggression against Ukraine. This session called for the international community to support the millions of fleeing refugees.

‘Sharing in its humanitarian spirit, and mindful of the pain and anguish of the Ukranian people, the Sovereign Order of Malta, as a Permanent Observer, and therefore not casting a vote today, does however express its support for the humanitarian focus of the draft resolutions under consideration’.

He continued: ‘Mr. President, The Sovereign Order of Malta condemns any form of unwarranted aggression against sovereign states, and it is deeply concerned by the suffering of the people of Ukraine, the suffering of civilians, especially women and children, the suffering of the sick and the unbearable suffering of the elderly. We reiterate our call for a cessation of hostilities against the innocent, and for a strengthened purpose, through dialogue, to find a pathway to peace’.

In his speech, the Ambassador spoke of the relief work offered by the Order’s relief corps over the past years, and in particular since the outbreak of this conflict: ‘The Sovereign Order of Malta, an independent, neutral sovereign entity/state providing global humanitarian aid in over 120 countries, has provided considerable support, advice, and material help to the Ukrainian people during the past eight years of conflict’.

The Order of Malta is on the frontline to provide aid to the refugees fleeing Ukraine. Relief and volunteer corps are active in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania, as well as in the Ukrainian territory. Tens of thousands of volunteers plus medical teams from Malteser International, the Order of Malta worldwide relief service, are distributing food and drink, caring for the victims, providing counseling and emotional support and assisting in the securing of short-term accommodation.

The Ambassador finished his statement by saying: ‘We appeal to all people of good will to assist in the protection of all refugees, IDPs and persons in need, inside and outside of Ukraine and, finally, we ask for the compassion of the UN community for the innocent’.

The Ambassador’s full statement can be found here

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