H.E. Ambassador Dr. Paul Beresford-Hill speaking at the 42nd Plenary Meeting, Question of Palestine


On November 30th, H.E. Ambassador Beresford-Hill addressed the General Assembly at the 42nd Plenary Meeting on the question of Palestine and the Middle East. He noted that over 10,000 Palestinians have died as a result of the conflict since 2000.  While this is not matched by an equal number of Israeli fatalities, it nevertheless shows intense personal loss and suffering and poses the eternal question, “Why”.  Echoing Pope Francis, he stressed the need for dialogue, emphasizing the need for enhanced global cooperation, mentioning that no transformative progress has been made to alleviate the violence and suffering facing the citizens of Palestine since the Oslo Accords were initially signed.

In his statement, H.E. Paul Beresford-Hill expressed hope that ‘The Israeli and Palestinian authorities “will more readily take to heart” the search for dialogue and the building of mutual trust and highlighted that our presence in Palestine will remain central to our cause, […] treating patients regardless of ethnicity, religion or ability to pay.’

He concluded by reasserting that the Order of Malta will continue to provide social and medical care to people living in villages, rural areas, scattered communities and refugee camps and reiterated the need for a Two-State solution, even if it involves negotiated flexibility.