Deepening Relations with a One Health Approach to Delivering Global Health

Deepening Relations with a One Health Approach to Delivering Global Health

In a significant gathering aimed at fostering closer ties between prominent One Health researchers and the Sovereign Order of Malta, Professor Dr. Zinsstag, H.E. Dr. Beresford-Hill, and Executive Director Tripptrap convened to deliberate on a critical mission: How the Order can extend its support to the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (TPH) in its relentless pursuit of eradicating rabies in Africa.

At the heart of this pivotal meeting was Professor Dr. Zinsstag, the visionary leader of a Swiss TPH research project dedicated to unraveling the complexities of rabies. His remarkable work has illuminated a pathway towards realising the World Health Organisation’s ambitious goal of eradicating human deaths caused by dog-mediated rabies. He eloquently illustrated how the One Health approach, which champions collaboration and synergy among diverse stakeholders, could be the driving force behind the effective elimination of rabies in Africa.

In unanimous accord, both parties recognised the invaluable diplomatic expertise wielded by the Order. This expertise, they concurred, could be a catalyst in mobilising collective action around the One Health strategy, with the overarching goal of eradicating rabies in Africa. Their shared enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to this monumental undertaking were palpable, driven by the realisation that their collaborative efforts could save an estimated 30,000 lives annually, unlock billions of dollars in economic benefits, and make substantial strides toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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