Counsellor Mr. Peter McGuire addressed the General Assembly discussing the situation in Afghanistan

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On Thursday November 10th Counsellor Mr. Peter McGuire addressed the General Assembly to discuss the situation in Afghanistan all united.

In his statement, Mr. McGuire started stressing the importance of education and the difficulties in accessing it that every woman in the country encounters every day, pointing out that Sustainable Development Goals 4 & 5 are not fulfilled:

“The Secretary General’s report somberly confirms that the ban on secondary education for females makes Afghanistan the only country in the world to deny girls their full right to education. What’s more, according to Save the Children, 27% of the Afghanistan youth are engaged in child labor, instead of learning”.

Another point he raised was the huge famine problem extremely present – almost 50% of the Afghanistan population suffers hungry – and the help that Malteser International, our international relief agency, “continues to provide urgent humanitarian aid to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in and around Kabul and supports refugees through its team in Pakistan, as urged by the United Nations a year ago”.

To watch the full statement:

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