Ambassador Beresford-Hill is Welcomed by the Permanent Representative of Pakistan, H.E. Mr. Munir Akram


On Thursday 8th of September, Ambassador Akram kindly hosted a meeting with Ambassador Beresford-Hill at the Permanent Mission of Pakistan in New York where they discussed the current needs of the country of Pakistan, as well as the commitments the Sovereign Order of Malta are making in their aid response.

The meeting started with Ambassador Beresford-Hill expressing concern over the dire humanitarian situation that Pakistan now faces, and informed Ambassador Akram that, through Malteser Intentional, the Sovereign Order of Malta are supporting as many people as they can, specifically with cash assistance towards poor farmers in the Sindh province who’s crop has now been lost and destroyed.

With this, the conversation was then steered into the direction of the climate threat in general and both hoped that this years COP27 will see the pledge of $100 billion being cleared.

The meeting concluded with Ambassador Beresford-Hill congratulating His Excellency for his ongoing role as chair of the G77 + China (a coalition of 134 developing countries designed to promote its members’ collective economic interests and create an enhanced joint negotiating capacity in the United Nations).

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