Meeting Hosted by the Global Climate Innovation Center

Meeting Hosted by the Global Climate Innovation Center

Today, Counselor Marissa Blackett attended a lunch at the United Nations Headquarters hosted by the Global Climate Innovation Center. This lunch encouraged fruitful dialogue between members of the United Nations as well as external partners in promoting innovative solutions to tackle prominent climate issues around the world.


Counselor Blackett had the great pleasure to address those attending, which included United Nations Ambassadors, as well as members from the private sector and civil society groups. 


In her statement, she mentioned that ‘as the Sovereign Order of Malta, we have been, and continue to be, a consistent participant in discussions around such concerns as peacekeeping, the Sustainable Development Goals, human trafficking, refugee and migrant issues, religious freedom and, of course, climate change’. 


She continued by saying, ‘of the many threats that climate change continues to pose across our planet, sustainable development goal 6 (access to clean water) remains especially pressing. Later this month sees the United Nations Water Conference here in New York where a number of colleagues from the Order of Malta will be in attendance. As a member of the German WASH Network, the Order of Malta shares a commitment in providing access to a sustainable supply of clean water, appropriate sanitary facilities and hygiene practices to all. Globally, one third of the population has no access to sanitary facilities which is why, despite our focus on health, our projects in the field of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) form a cornerstone of our agency’s work’. 


We would like to thank the Global Climate Innovation Center for their kind hospitality and congratulate them on a very successful meeting at the UN. 


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