The Republic of Barbados and the Sovereign Order of Malta held productive Bilateral discussions

The Republic of Barbados and the Sovereign Order of Malta held productive Bilateral discussions

On October 10th, H.E. Dr. Ambassador Beresford-Hill held a meeting at the mission of the Republic of Barbados to the UN with Ambassador François Jackman. In a productive meeting between the two delegations, Ambassador Beresford-Hill provided insight into the Sovereign Order of Malta’s rich history and our multifaceted functions as a political entity, a religious order, and a global humanitarian actor. Ambassador Jackman expressed admiration for the remarkable journey of the Order, highlighting how throughout centuries, we have steadfastly upheld our dedication to altruism and humanitarian assistance.

The primary focus of these talks was Haiti, as Ambassador Jackman identified it as a significant humanitarian concern for Barbados where the Order could offer assistance and expertise. Ambassador Beresford-Hill proceeded to provide a comprehensive account of Malteser International’s extensive operations in Haiti, which began in 2010 with the immediate distribution of relief supplies in response to the earthquake. Since that time, we have initiated numerous projects aimed at enhancing the quality of life and promoting sustainability for the people of Haiti, and we are still present on the island despite a difficult political climate.

Ambassador Jackman then elaborated on the specific policy priorities of the Republic of Barbados. He emphasized their commitment to advancing global health, revealing a significant shared interest in bolstering pandemic preparedness. Malteser International plays a pivotal role in conducting essential missions aimed at enhancing infection prevention and control measures, ensuring the safety of communities and healthcare workers. Our strong presence in the Americas and the alignment of our beliefs regarding humanitarian intervention, global equality, multilateralism, climate change, health, and the pressing imperative to address the 2030 Agenda bodes well for future collaboration and cooperation, displaying a strong platform for possible partnership.