Intervention in Ukraine

The Sovereign Order of Malta’s permanent missions to the United Nations in New York has joined the condemnation of Ukraine’s invasion, calling the international community to support the millions of refugees fleeing the country while the Russian troops advance on the ground.


The Role of Youth in Tackling Poverty and Hunger at Local, Regional, and International Levels

Today the Order of Malta Permanent Observer Mission to the UN in New York was represented during an international video conference on ‘The Role of Youth in Tackling Poverty and Hunger at Local, Regional and International Levels’. 


STATEMENT – President of the Human Rights Council

My delegation would like to thank the President of the Human Rights Council for her work and her statement, and express appreciation for the priceless action of the Council in the protection of human dignity, and in favor of the weak, the vulnerable, the most fragile, and those in need.


STATEMENT – Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially women and children

Ms. Special Rapporteur, the Sovereign Order of Malta is a strong supporter of your mandate and is proud to champion the cause of combatting trafficking in persons and protecting the human rights of victims through the work of the Order and our worldwide relief agency, Malteser International.


STATEMENT-Special Rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories

The Sovereign Order of Malta has a very strong presence in Palestine and Jerusalem, as we provide healthcare treatment and emergency relief to the local population, regardless of identity or ability to pay.