Mr. Zachary N. Muñoz Delivered a Statement to the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the Third Committee

Mr. Zachary N. Muñoz Delivered a Statement to the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the Third Committee

On Thursday, October 19th, Mr. Zachary N. Muñoz, Advisor, delivered a statement to the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the Third Committee.

Mr. Muñoz expressed deep appreciation for the relentless pursuit of action in advancing human rights and fostering a prosperous future for all. The Sovereign Order of Malta commended the High Commissioner’s Office for its efforts to provide peace, security, development, and accountability to the world’s vulnerable populations, recognizing these efforts as crucial contributions to the common good.

Drawing a parallel with their own longstanding commitment to upholding human dignity and aiding those in need, the Sovereign Order of Malta, with over 900 years of experience in medical, social, and humanitarian work, emphasized its dedication to assisting individuals worldwide, regardless of their background or beliefs.

With a particular focus on their ongoing efforts in Morocco, the Mr. Muñoz highlighted the Sovereign Order of Malta’s unwavering commitment to alleviating suffering and addressing the humanitarian crisis triggered by a recent earthquake. In solidarity with the people of Morocco, the organization unveiled significant financial support aimed at bolstering relief efforts.

Mr. Muñoz detailed its multi-pronged approach to aid, with a primary focus on food security, health, and hygiene. The organization dispatched food trucks to provide nourishing meals to affected communities, seeking to assist as many families as possible during this challenging period. Recognizing the vital importance of health and hygiene in disaster-affected areas, the Sovereign Order of Malta supplied essential provisions, bedding, WASH supplies for sanitation, and personal hygiene items to hundreds of families. Special consideration was given to addressing the unique needs of women, ensuring their health and dignity through the distribution of sanitary products.

In a collaborative effort, the Sovereign Order of Malta revealed that its French Association had generously donated over a quarter of a million dollars to Caritas International, further enhancing humanitarian relief efforts in Morocco. Currently partnering with Caritas, the organization is providing direct food assistance to the affected population. Dedicated teams are on the ground, conducting real-time assessments to tailor relief efforts and respond effectively to evolving community needs.

Mr. Muñoz concluded with a quote from Pope Francis’s 2021 Human Rights Day statement, reminding all individuals of their call to contribute courageously and with determination to the respect of the fundamental rights of every person, especially those who are most vulnerable and in need, emphasizing the significance of solidarity and compassion in the face of adversity.