H.E. Ambassador Paul Beresford-Hill Delivers Intervention to ECOSOC


On 11 July 2023, H.E. Ambassador Paul Beresford-Hill delivered an intervention to ECOSOC on clean water and sanitation for all.

In his statement, he reminded the group that water is essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and that it is considered a global public good. Despite its importance, progress on SDG 6, which focuses on resolving water insecurity, is off-track.

He relayed to the committee that the Sovereign Order of Malta, through Malteser International, has been dedicated to providing water and sanitation for over 25 years. Through collaboration with various agencies, they have made an impact worldwide, from drought preparedness in Kenya to clean water initiatives in the Congo. In advocating for water rights, MI has launched a Global Program on WASH and Human Rights, which is generously funded by Germany. MI has also improved WASH conditions in healthcare facilities, focusing on vulnerable countries, and stressed that collaboration between sectors is crucial for sustainable development and peace.

The Ambassador urged “countries, NGOs, and interested parties to seek out and to invest in innovative ideas and technologies, such as the Humanacoo Foundation’s encouragement of the SEAS initiative, a Swiss company dedicated to using condensation to turn air into drinking water.”

He concluded by reminding members of Pope Francis’s words: “our commitment to giving water its proper place calls us to develop a culture of care.”

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